Why I Travel

I haven’t been able to sit down and blog lately because I’ve been so “on-the-go.” I did a lot of traveling during Spring Break, then needed time to get back into the groove of college and schoolwork. I wanted to do a creative piece on why I travel, and the things I love about it.

Whenever I travel by plane, I always try to pick a seat next to the wing.

Window Seat

My mom always did this for me when I was young so I could look out of the window during the flight. Now that I travel independently sometimes, I keep the same tradition. This is the view from my window when I was flying back home to the Bay Area, CA. I will never be tired of where I came from.

I travel to explore different areas and learn new things.

Over my Spring Break, I did a lot of firsts! Be sure to click on the images for their captions and to see them in full. One of the highlights of my time in New York was spending time in Brooklyn. I usually spend time in Manhattan, but I had the opportunity to shadow at The Tab Media, which is part of the Instagram account I run. I had the best chai tea latte with almond milk and left their office feeling more inspired to continue running the account and add new content. My mom and I also went to Easter Sunday mass together and ran into the Easter Hat Parade where lots of people were dressed up in their extravagant hats and outfits.

Traveling allows you to learn the lifestyle of others who live in different places around the world.

Ever since my mom moved to NY about a year ago, I’ve gotten my fair share of the East Coast Culture. I noticed that I love “city life” and the fast-paced environment of New York. I also love hearing different accents on the East Coast. My mom and I drove to Philadelphia and it was our first time in the state of Pennsylvania! Fun fact: I did my state project on Pennsylvania in the 5th grade. We did a lot of touristy things like eat Philly Cheese Steaks, visit art museums, the steps where “Rocky” was filmed, and a lot of walking around in the central area. There’s something special about 24-hour trips because you try to explore as much as possible in little amounts of time. My favorite view was observing a Van Gogh and Picasso painting for the very first time in person.

I travel to EAT!

My absolute favorite part about traveling is trying foods in different places. I feel like food is an easy to way to submerge yourself into the culture of the area and enjoy yummy things at the same time. The Reading Terminal Market is a 10/10 recommendation. If you want good food and are in Philly, please please please eat here! I wish we could have spent more time there, but maybe we’ll make the trip back just for the great milkshake we had. I LOVE food and in different places, the food tastes so much better for some reason!

I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to travel around the country, and around the world. I have to thank my mom for bringing me to these wonderful places! I hope to visit more places the rest of my life and absorb the great things about other places. Some of my dream destinations to visit are Tahiti, France, and Thailand. What places do you want to visit?



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