“Love has boundaries; but if that love is strong, then no boundary can overpower that love.” 

Chad, my boyfriend, came to visit me for a couple of days on his spring break. He goes to school in Colorado, while I’m studying in Oregon. Long distance intimidated us in the beginning, but over time we learned more about ourselves individually, and together–showing us that we are capable of anything together.

I don’t want to make a blog post about tips on long-distance relationships unless that’s what you guys are interested in. (let me know, haha) However, I just want to document the wonderful time I spent with my boyfriend. It was one of the greatest times I’ve had with him so far in our relationship.

Chad wanted to drive over 8 hours to see me, even though I had class. We took advantage of every moment. He even helped me study for my exam outside on campus!
We explored Downtown Eugene together and did one of the things we normally do: take pictures.
Chad’s most recent hobby is practicing photography. I enjoy being his model, haha.

Here are some of the pictures that he took of me! Follow his Instagram account to see his work. 

On his last night visiting, he surprised me and took me out to eat pasta and then a barcade that had classic games like Galaga, Miss PacMan and Super Mario Brothers! I beat him in most of the games.

Chad also made this video that captures our trip together which definitely made me cry. I love him so much!

The next time I see him will be in two weeks when I travel to Colorado! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and please let me know whatever else you’d like me to blog about!



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