Four Values I’m Living By

Everyone needs a little bit of guidance in their life. These four, cliche phrases have shaped every decision I’ve recently made in my life.  Just because you’ve heard them before, it doesn’t mean that you’re actually applying these values to your lifestyle.

  1. Work hard, play hard.

Being in college, every freshman is faced with the freedom to make their own decisions.  This is great, but also very dangerous. This phrase helps with those decisions, serves as a prioritization tool, and guides you to accomplish your set goals.  Basically, if you work hard and get everything done, you then have every right to play and be as wild as you want.  You have to remember that you can’t have too much fun if you neglect the things that need to be done first.

2. Long Term > Short Term

I always keep time in mind when it comes to big and small decisions.  This phrase usually pops up when new opportunities or new people come into my life. Some decisions are timely, and you’ll have to ask questions like, “Is this thing/person really going to benefit me in the end?” “Is this thing/person only temporarily making me happy?” Some things in your life may seem great currently, but eventually, they won’t contribute to the bigger picture. This is something I always keep in mind; especially because being in college, every decision matters.

3. Life goes on!

I hate how cliché it sounds, but it’s true! I feel like life moves so fast and you simply shouldn’t waste your time dwelling on things from the past. The first step to dealing with something is to first, accept it.  Accept that it happened; accept that it’s done. Now, be present, take a breath, and move on! This is probably the hardest value/advice I can ever take myself because I usually take time and beat myself up on things that I could’ve done or approached differently. However, instead of dwelling, I use the time to get better from what pushed me back. You could do so much in a day, so don’t take that time for granted.

4. “Put me first.”

College opens doors to so many new things. However, it’s crucial to know how much you can handle on your plate without stressing too much.  As a person who loves helping others, it’s hard for me to remember that I still need to take care of myself. Sometimes you can be stuck in situations where you just have to say no to some people to make time to yourself, and that’s okay.  Your mental health matters more.

Although I relate these values to my college life, I believe that it can help anyone no matter what age! Whether you’re in high school or a grown adult, these phrases can still help you guide your life to where you want it to go.  I usually write these phrases down in my planner, something I see daily, just to remind myself to stick to my values. I hope that you find these helpful in your life too.



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