Something(s) I miss

I’ve been away from home for almost 6 months now. Wow, I didn’t even realize that until now.  Backstory: I was pretty independent in high school because my mom traveled a lot for work.  Being on my own here in college was not tremendously difficult.  My transition being away from home is not as dramatic as some of my other friends, but these are some of the things that I find myself missing every day.

1. My dogs.

Tofu and Zoey
Don’t they look super cute in portrait mode?

This is Tofu, my white colored chihuahua, and Zoey.  We don’t know what Zoey’s breed is. Maybe you can tell.  They’re our family dogs–but we didn’t ask for them.  To put it in short, my grandpa brought these two home without telling us where he got them from.  We took them in hesitantly, and thankfully we did because Tofu and Zoey have been a part of our lives for the past 5-6 years.  I love them so much!  The one thing I miss most about them is coming home from school after a long day, calling their names as I walk into the house, “ToooooofuuuuuZoey!!!” and hearing their paws race down the hallway to greet me at the door.

2. California Food

Some of my absolute favorite go-to spots are all back home. To name a few of my cravings I can never satisfy here in Oregon already breaks my heart. Is it sad I don’t have my own pictures of these foods?

  • In N Out. I always order a #2, animal style, no tomatoes, fries well done, with a milkshake.  The flavor milkshake depends on what mood I’m in.
  • La Victoria Taqueria.  Anytime I go to La Vic’s is to order carne asada fries.  It’s not the healthiest, but the most satisfying. If you’re looking for a meal to eat after a concert or a long night out, trust me–this hits the spot.
  • Good, quality, boba.  Here in Oregon, they call it “Boba Tea” or “Bubble Tea.”  For anyone from the Bay Area, it’s just “boba.” Boba, or milk tea, whatever you want to call it–is truly a culture in the Bay Area. You can find a boba shop anywhere.  My favorite spot back home is Teaspoon.  They have boba here in Oregon, but it’s not the same.
  • Home cooked meals. Enough said.

3. My baby cousins.

From left to right: Teddy (just turned 3), Joyce (6), Me, Maya (barely 1), Lucas (3). This was all of us together on Thanksgiving.

I didn’t realize I was always around kids back home until I left to college.  Whether I was teaching keiki (children) at hula practice, or home, there’s a little person somewhere.  These are my baby cousins who annoy me, make me laugh, and entertain me all at the same time. They are all the siblings I never had; I’m an only child.  I love them to death and it makes me sad knowing I can’t be there to watch them grow up closely. Of course, I miss the rest of my family and friends as well…but I try to call everyone weekly which helps a lot. Thank you, technology.

4. My car.

I miss the ability to to jump in my car and run errands. Here, my only forms of transportation are my feet, my bike, and the bus.  These are all very convenient, but I find that when I had my car, things went by much, much faster. Back home, I drove my family’s passed down car: a black 2000 BMW 328i.  Bertha, my car, was old.  She was very beat up, but I’m still very thankful I had her.  Lots of memories with my friends were with Bertha.

5. My boyfriend.

Chad’s getting into photography, and soon he’ll be taking more pictures of me 🙂

This is cliche and cheesy, but I do miss my boyfriend, Chad, all the time. We are in a long distance relationship and have been together for two years now. I talk to him every day, but the ability to physically be with each other is more satisfying, yeno? (“You know,” this is my slang you might have to get used to.) You guys should check out his photography here.

I’m more than halfway through this Winter Term.  Spring Break is creeping up, so I’ll be able to see my loved ones and eat my favorite foods soon.  But first, midterms.



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