Being present

I’m a very busy girl.  I keep track of three personal calendars, several social media schedules, my schooling, my social life, and more.  SO, when I’m not running around and figuring out my life, I take advantage of the moments when I have time to myself.

I recently learned that I may possibly be an introvert, after classifying myself as an extrovert for many years.  Well, maybe I’m an even mix of both.  I feed off energy from my environment whether it’s the aura in a room or the vibe people give off. But when I’m alone, I like to recuperate and just reflect.  Being present.

I’m here! I’m here. I finally started the blog I dreamt and thought about for months.  I plan to use this as an outlet to share my thoughts and my experiences as a college student, a daughter, a dancer, and a friend.

Thank you all for supporting me.  I hope you stick around.



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