The meaning behind the name


I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while; the thought always lingered in my head and I was unsure if people would read my posts, or have any interest in me. Once I got to college and figured out what I wanted to study…I finally pushed myself to start it, and well, here I am.

Let me tell you, it’s SO hard to think of a name for your blog.  You look on Pinterest and find that your blog name is super duper important, especially if you want to create a personal brand for yourself.  I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do exactly, but I wanted the name of my website to fully represent me. 

Alright, let me stop talking.

“Just Hi’ilani” really means, “just me.”  I’ve been dancing Hula and Tahitian ever since I was seven years old, and a couple years ago, my teacher named me, “Hi’ilani.”  It’s a Hawaiian name, and means, “held in the arms of heaven.”  My teacher and I are very close, and basically, she named me that because soon I became her second daughter–perhaps a daughter from heaven.  I thought this was unique, and it really represents what I want my blog to be about, me.  Look forward to hearing and seeing my life as a college student, dancer, and aspiring blogger, haha.

I promise I’m not this serious in real life.




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